Clan Lamont on Celtic weave
Maltese Cross (variation) ring

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Clan Chisholm

Custom Clan ring on Celtic weave

Clan Nesbitt on Gothic shank

Clan MacDonald of
Sleat on Celtic weave

Craig Coat of Arms

O'Sullivan Coat of Arms

Roche Coat of Arms
A brief word from the owner.
I am proud to present my Clan and Heraldic rings. The Clan rings are created in the authentic "Belt, Badge and buckle" style, while my Heraldic rings conjure up thoughts of a nobler time. Of Camelot and Knights and their ladies. It would be impossible to present all of the Clan badges and devices on one small web page, let alone try to do justice to the many thousands of Coats of Arms. Therefore I invite you to view a few selected examples from among the many rings we have created for our clients around the world. If you have a particular design that you would like us to cast for you, then please contact me, We will work with you each step of the way and offer design assistance should you require it. If on the other hand you do not see what you are looking for, then please ask. We can provide most Coats of Arms and all of the Scottish Clans. Thank you for visiting my website. "Sheila A Bawden".

Clan rings begin at $350.00 US in Sterling silver, for a firm quote in 10ct gold and 14ct, please email. The pricing on our Heraldic series also begins at $350.00 in Sterling silver, for a firm quote in 10ct gold and 14ct, please email. There is an extra charge of $25.00 for the addition of colour. To order please email me for information. For the convenience of our clients we accept personal and business cheques and PayPal only for credit cards. If you don't see what you want, please ask. We have the ability to research Coats of Arms.

Mediaeval style ring

Clan Maxwell on Lion shank
MacDonell of Glengarry
Clan ring with years on shoulderNew design with years to shoulders
and rampant lion
Clan Seton kilt pin, brooch and ring

Clan pendant
Clan pendant, available
in silver and gold to
order only.